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So School Started..

It’s my last semester as an undergrad and each day I freak out a LITTLE more. I had an internship, but I still don’t feel completely ready for the “so-called” real world. I’m thinking about getting another one, but I most-honestly do not have the time, considering I’m taking 15 credits and coach approximately 20/25 hours per week at the gym.

I’m already on the job hunt, but most jobs want more experience. *SIGH* So I made another Tumblr account. This one features a more professional blog that relates to my age group (college students and those entering the life after school). Check it out if you’re interested: pr-actice

Alright, time to get back to my research. Ya know, considering I already have a term - project due date coming up (2/2/12). Uhmm, why did my group volunteer to go first again? At least I already got my first speech out of the way. Oh and yes, I started school two days ago.

Here’s to the crazy life of being a senior in college!


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